Friday, January 30, 2009

Let Go

One of my initial dabbles in the world of poetry..

The time's finally come
What I'm doing can't be undone
My patience has been tested
For centuries, my talent wasted
You gave your card, asked me to call
Expecting someday, somewhere I'll fall
I may have my problems
But with you around, I cannot solve them
The situation's been this; I get stuck
And without you I suck
Times are changing and I gotta learn
The tricks that make an adult firm
Don't shut the world from my eyes
For then I will not be wise
See through my perspective
And don't be too protective
For I can think of nothing better
Than be the family trend-setter
Change's the only constant
And this a'int just a stunt
Something in your heart will stir
If not, lemme make it a bit clear
Let Go
Written early 2002.

Comments without a rating on the scale of five, will be mercilessly deleted. Thank you :P

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Life @ The Moment: A Cartoon

My parents paid for a canoe, I grabbed the paddle
An enthusiastic traveller dreaming of far far away..
Brimming with optimism, fuelled by ideas galore; alas!
Held in check by those conniving currents..

Have a rocking 2009!!

PS: If you were to depict your life at the moment as a cartoon, what would it be like?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

When You Don’t Mean What You Say

I need to blog.

I need to blog.

I really need to blog.

There.. Do you see it? The desperation, the confusion my mind had been groping around in the abyss of colourful thoughts to pick and write about a few among the overwhelming number of things I do???

Oh don't raise that eyebrow, there have been plenty of things. I mean it! Things I did, am doing and going to do.. [yes, the last being the most.. why else do I live for tomorrow??] I've been having a hellva time lately. In a good way.

Right. Right now, I'm penning my To Do list. The central theme is cleaning and the list seems endless.. fast forward? Deepavali is around the weekend and we are expecting some guests. It's not like that’s the only reason there's a major cleaning op going on, this is just an opportunity God gave.. :D Who doesn't want a neat beautiful home?[wink, wink] So we spend a couple of hours everyday, dusting and swiping, unable to throw the hundred odd things we can do without.. One thing led to another and I ended up scouring the internet for a few dot[pulli] kolam patterns. They all look simple, trust me. The only hitch is me getting up early.. still, I have high hopes.

Diwali is one of my favourite festivals. The food, the lights and yes, the shopping.. We shopped seven continuous hours day after day and it reminded me just how much I hated crowds. The suffocating rush, the scents, the noise, the push, kids crawling and bawling, ah.. nothing to beat T Nagar. But at the end of that long, air conditioned, jasmine smelling tunnel, I came home happy :) :) New clothes always cheer me up :)

I've also been baking scones and cakes. I'm addicted to that SMELL!! Dear God! Nothing, I repeat nothing like the aroma of a rich piping hot chocolate cake, fresh from the oven. Yum Yum.. Assaults to your senses that will make you want more, and more..

Gimme more! Onto the Britney front now. For those who don't know, I was totally crazed about Ms. Spears during my teens. Whacked. No, I didn't mean her[honestly], just me. She’s out with her latest, Womanizer. Listen to it. Love that gal! Go Britney, Go!! Oh, and I sent a cheesy card to some of my gal pals this October 11th. It was the You Go, Girl! day. The things I do.. the things you learn.. ;)

I've just got to mention Beyonce's If I Were A Boy. I could write a whole post on just the title, but I’ll save it for later. OMG. The way she emotes this song is unbelievable!! Sure, she screeches now and then.. but that's her style. I listened to it a couple of times and couldn't stop playing it the whole afternoon..

And I've been reading novels. Wonder if I'll ever take an hiatus from that.. Am currently perusing the 26th from the "In Death" series by J D Robb, aka Nora Roberts. Is it normal to wish I could come up with dry, sarcastic comments like Dallas, Lieutenant Eve??

Finally, I couldn’t think of an appropriate title for this one. If you’ve forgotten it, good. I like readers like you. But I have been thinking about how often people say what they don’t mean. So effortlessly. Aren’t they just lies? Ask them that and they say ‘it’s a white lie, no harm.’ Don’t people think of right and wrong anymore? Have such principles become flexible, situation-based? Is it too much to expect people to mean what they say? Sad man, sad.

Alright, this post is long enough to let another month pass by before I feel guilty again.. I'm gonna burst rockets and watch the night sky explode with colours.. Wish you all a delightful and sweeeet Diwali! Life's still great!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Early Judgement

Last week, I watched a tamil part-action part-suspense movie onscreen(my first) with some friends. Sa-ro-ja. What an old-fashioned name! I wasn't in the least excited despite claims that it was a must-watch movie. A tamil thriller? With no gory scenes or police chases? A comedy of sorts?? Bah.

Now, I'm not the kind who pays attention to the little details, remembering lines that make me laugh or scenes that make me cringe. It's more about the whole package. Entertainment of this kind with your thinking cap on is guaranteed dissapointment. But when the cracks become obvious or it gets too cliche, I tend to lose interest quicker than quick sand..

With that said, Saroja held up pretty well.

Of course, I didn't recognize a single face, save a couple- neither the innumerable soap stars, except for Radhika(distant memory of my grandparents having watched Sakthi(?)) nor the cast of Chennai 600028. An average TV watcher might have gasped and smiled, it was a TV star-studded affair..(for those who are wondering, yes I don't follow tamil cinema/sitcoms. And no, I'm not a peter- I hope :P). Used to more glamorous stuff, be it screenplay or the star power, this was a definite change. No complicated plots, super-human powers, breathtaking scenery or irritating clowns cloaked as comedians..

Believable story-line, not very dramatic(++) though as usual- the second half was a tad slower than the first, silly jokes without extra characters (Vivek, Vadivelu and the like- BYE BYE BYE!!!), a bit of suspense(+), very little sentimental crap(+++) and a decent ending. Surprise, surprise- I liked the movie!

It was a good thing I hadn't read a review before hand(another first for me). To think I had finally liked a recent movie without reservation and then find it was a copy of
Judgement Night. Yuck! I'm disgusted now.. whatever happened to originality people?!?!

Immitation is the best form of flattery, they say.

So, do watch Saroja if you haven't, atleast for time-pass aaram se! ;-)

Monday, September 01, 2008


I thought awhile abt what to name this blog.. my first ever blog. Should it reflect what I write abt? Would it restrict it's scope? Should it be general? Or something like Divya's Musings.. catchy? A tongue-twister? Something that will have you searching WordWeb?
Didn't think much, so settled for 'the things I do..' coz it is literally gonna be abt the things I do! :D Sounds perfect 2 me! So if y'all find it boring- back off!!

On Sunday August 31st, me along with thousands of Chennaites ran (read as jogged, walked, slogged) the first ever Chennai Marathon. Titled The Great [I Love]Chennai Run, it kicked off at the War Memorial at 0750 hrs with actor Surya sporting a blue tee and a big smile, cheering us on. Man, is he short!!
Abreast with Anu Hassan and her gang for quite a while, my friend N waved a stray balloon as we sought our 15 seconds of fame n glory.. Do air us NDTV!!

A hot morning, a sea of people sweating, panting, laughing and talking, it was exhilarating experience!! What seemed a daunting task became a pleasure. We finished the 7km run with relative ease and a deep tan.. A surprising number of kids participated, most of whom finished the entire course. Hail the future Olympic champs!!
And hats off to the few interspersed bands who had us pepped up!

A wonderful way to end the month and an exciting beginning with this blog..